36T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear

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This tough steel 36T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear is the perfect part to carry in your RC tool box Features Strong and durable steel for long-lasting performance in extreme RC conditions Precision manufactured wide tooth profile for smooth operation ‘D’ shaped hole to match motor shaft profile so drive and brakes are not lost if the set-screw backs out Suits 8mm motor shaft diameter   Precision manufactured threaded set-screw hole E-clip supplied for motor shaft pinion retention Includes 1 x 36T Mod1 Safe-D8 Pinion Gear 1 x Set Screw – M4 x 4mm 1 x E-Clip – 6mm

Artikelnummer: ARA311124

EAN: 5052127043465

Hersteller: ARRMA